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Current cover of the inaugural issue.
“You should write a book.”

Those are the words I’ve often heard over the past two years, but few words have really made it to publication outside of the blog because my main focus has been to scour the web for pop culture news that could translate into pitch ideas to other websites, pray that an editor likes them, and then alter my voice on the one or two pieces that are eventually accepted and actually published so that it caters to the editor’s audience instead of catering to my own.

In the meantime, I’ve neglected my purpose, my authenticity, my talent, my space, and my faithful readers who look forward to reading and receiving my words more often than I manage to publish.

Until now.

In an effort to bring weekly content to its readers, showcase the type of work that originally captured my audience, and establish and sustain itself as a fulltime enterprise, Pencil and Chalk is ecstatic to introduce a fund-raising, four-issue, multimedia magazine series featuring stories that won’t appear on the blog, with the exception of a few excerpts and at least three extended rewrites.

All issues – released around August and December 2017 and March and June 2018 – revolve around a set theme. Our inaugural issue, Table for One, centers on singlehood and offers an honest, fresh, sometimes humorous, sometimes outrageous, head-shaking exploration on the topic through various works of nonfiction, poetry, and fiction.

But the only way to read these exclusive works is to subscribe to the magazine, which ultimately funds Pencil and Chalk.

For an introductory price of $25*, all subscribers will receive:
  • a curation of approximately 40 written and oral personal essays, short stories, poems, memoirs, and more; and
  • 24 biweekly emailed newsletters giving behind-the-scenes looks at the magazine’s progress and what’s happening at Pencil and Chalk plus subscriber-only announcements and Friday flash fiction/(nonfiction) pieces.

All issues are delivered digitally and optimized for all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows across your smart phone, tablet, PC, MAC, or laptop.
Don’t miss out on this literary collection featuring the writer who catapulted her writing career with two back-to-back viral essays talking about her skinniness and her hair. Click "Buy Now" to secure this limited edition project and contribute to the growth and maintenance of Pencil and Chalk. The premiere Table for One issue will be available August 2017.

*Be sure to order now to secure your subscription because this is a limited edition project. We kindly thank you for your support. $25 introductory annual rate ends August 31, 2017. Subscription rate increases to $35 beginning September 1, 2017.


  1. real late but when I click to see the excerpt it says doesn't exist.

  2. Hi Donna. I'm real late as well. LOL! I temporarily took it down to tweak it. It's actually a part of the piece you read in its entirety.