Work with me

I'm a creative writer so please miss me with that reeeeal technical sh...

I'm just sayin'. I recognize and accept my limitations.

So please understand that I don't do resumes and cover letters, research papers, grants and proposals, business plans, white papers or any other “dry” correspondence that require Washington-speak or industry jargon and key words.

But where the technical mumbo-jumbo aspect of a project ends, I begin. I bring the content that connects with an audience. I edit drafts to bring emotion and engagement. I write the words that flow from one (web) page to the next.

I establish cohesiveness, professional presence, personality and credibility.

I am a relationship-builder.

I am a storyteller.

For inquiries on how I can craft your narrative to bridge the technical side with the creative side yet infuse story into pitch, simply complete the “Contact me” form on the sidebar. I will respond within 1 business day.

I look forward to writing together.