Creative Services

I love to tell stories.

I’m a creative storyteller infused with a bit of tech. I attribute the latter to my formal finance and IT background, however I understand technology’s role in the art of today’s storytelling.

A story is often more than just the words.

Mood board for Pencil and Chalk

It’s also about the aesthetics surrounding a story and the feelings a story can evoke.

It’s about creating a message that both engages a targeted audience and aligns with a company or brand’s initiative.

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It’s about selecting the appropriate medium or platform to tell that story as well as making it cohesive across platforms while making it credible and professional.

They’re all attributes of a great story.

The best story.

Allow Pencil and Chalk to tell yours.

To collaborate on your written, visual or multimedia project, simply email me or complete the contact form on the sidebar with your vision and requirements. I’ll respond within 2 business days.

(Examples include website design plus content; nonprofit fundraising campaigns; art exhibits, installations and captions; magazine layout and design; copywriting and editing; marketing collateral such as brochures, bios, press kits and releases and campaigns; product descriptions; social media and newsletter setup and design, personal projects such as ancestry and reunion memorabilia, etc.)