About me

I tell stories.

Not to be confused with lies but nonetheless entertaining.

Before I started penning personal essays, news and entertainment pieces, and a little bit of short fiction, I spent nearly 15 grueling years in finance and telecommunications. But I'm pretty sure I was in it for my traveling, eating out, and shopping fund because I found that I really wasn't 'bout that cell phone and Excel spreadsheet life.

In 2010, I started a blog to channel my inner foodie. The Food Network and bon appetit haven't discovered me yet, though.

Two years later, I launched The Skinny DC Writer (now Pencil and Chalk) to write about my thoughts and observations on everything else. My work has since been published online at xoNecole, Clutch Magazine, and xoJane, and I've grabbed the attention of editors at The Root and Huff Post Live. (Woot! Woot!)

When I'm not killing trees with my scribbles, clickety-clacking on my laptop, jetsetting, mixing on my Kitchen Aid Pro 500, concocting and sipping fruity cocktails, or enjoying a juicy, uber-marbled medium steak, I'm usually immersing myself in a great book, perusing a stack of magazines, catching up on reality TV, casing Wegmans, or pretending to be a DC tourist.

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Or you can email me at skinnydcwriter (at) gmail (dot) com. Just please don't spam or troll me.