Friday, November 17, 2017

Bishop TD Jakes wants us to SOAR: It's not okay to sit on the runway when we belong in the air

One of my cousins sent me a link to the Bishop T.D. Jakes interview conducted by Pastor Steven Furtick. It was part of the Bishop’s SOAR! series – How to Build Your Vision from the Ground Up – about having “big dreams” with “little resources.”

As a creative writer who’s about to tackle her first rather lofty project, I found the topic timely and relevant. So I immediately subscribed to Pastor Furtick’s YouTube station for near-future viewing, which really meant I filed it with the other videos and podcasts on my ever-growing to-watch-and-listen list. Now if only I can find the video that reveals how everyone else is able to watch TED talks and listen to podcasts daily because I can’t manage without sacrificing project productivity.

Anyhoo, barely a week later, the moderator of a coaching group that I’m a member of posted a link to the same interview, telling us it was so good and full of valuable gems.

So that evening, I settled onto the couch half-expecting to only absorb a slew of scriptures that often come across as more clichĂ© than inspiring, which I now realize is simply a function of the beliefs and ultimate selections of the passages a person chooses to recite to me; they’re not always applicable but that’s a whole other blog post.

Instead I was rather surprised to hear words of self-esteem, strength, abundance and worth, contrary to a more familiar message of "the struggle is mandatory." Within a matter of minutes into the interview, I had to pause the video so I could grab my pen and paper to jot down notable quotables in between an occasional yet inappropriate “Oh shit!” Now this is some motivation! Here’s what I wrote:
  1. Most people are so busy dating other people, they’ve never dated themselves. 
  2. You can only be fruitful if you are seedful.
  3. Sometimes we get stuck in what people expect and we never find out who we are because we’re living someone else’s dream. 
  4. The moment you’re exposed to something greater, you drop something lesser. 
  5. In the morning, you should devour the pig; in the evening, you should divide the spoils. 
  6. If you try something and you don’t like it (or it fails), then it’s okay. It might be the thing that leads you to the next thing.
  7. Look around your life for trees. And then turn them into tables. 
  8. Never adjust your performance to the crowd because you never know who’s in the crowd. Always respect your audience with your best performance. 
  9. Business people don’t fail to do something because they don’t have the money.
  10. If you plan it with pencil, you can weld it with steel.
  11. God gives you an opportunity; what you do with that opportunity is your gift to Him. 
  12. Your miracle isn’t in what you have lost; it’s always in what you have left.
  13. Once I can envision where I’m going, then I can tell you what I don’t need.
  14. It’s not where you’re trying to go that’s the problem; it’s what is it you’re willing to leave behind.
  15. There are times you can do the right thing in the wrong wind.
  16. Despise not the day of small beginnings; great things come out of small places.
  17. Everyone will attack you first and figure you out later.
  18. You can’t understand hesitation if you don’t understand rhythm. The miracle is in the rhythm.
  19. People who are gifted cannot see it.
  20. Be careful who you have around you because they reflect; they become a mirror and if the person around you has an agenda, they’ll distort the image of who you are.
  21. When God gives you the next opportunity, move.
  22. The agony of life is to sit in a place of movement. Frustration is God nudging you, [showing you] that you are sitting in a place of movement.
  23. Don’t get stuck on the runway and tell yourself it’s alright because it’s not; you belong in the air.

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