Sunday, March 8, 2015

I'm currently...

...craving steak tacos, chunky guacamole, and frozen margaritas;

...hoping to be a great (math) teacher, but the way these Praxis tests are set up...;

...loving my extended family because they're theeee absolute best;

...missing my long hair;

...praying I get accepted into the alternative-path-to-licensure program I interviewed for last week;

...reading Ruby by Cynthia Bond;

...realizing people reveal their true feelings about me by their mere actions and not by their words; if only I'd pay attention and accept that sooner and stop allowing disrespect to continue until much later;
...watching Shemar Moore a Criminal Minds marathon; aw, snap! I missed The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Damn you, Derek Morgan!

...writing a collection of personal essays.

I was intrigued by fellow brown girl blogger Adia's currently” list (who got the idea from another blogger) and thought I'd compose my own – minus the weekend links, though, because I often get lost in new blogs, and then I'll get nothing else done. But I do like the idea of periodically sharing what I'm thinking, feeling, doing...

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